The Killers Felt 'Ton of Pressure' After Scoring Massive Hits With Debut Album

Guitarist Dave Keuning was glad his band's sophomore set did really well because they had a 'ton of pressure' to outdo their first studio album 'Hot Fuss'.

AceShowbiz - Dave Keuning has revealed The Killers felt a "ton of pressure" to top their debut studio album "Hot Fuss". The Brandon Flowers-fronted band scored four commercial hits, "Mr. Brightside", "Somebody Told Me", "All These Things That I've Done", and "Smile Like You Mean It".

And guitarist Dave claims there was a lot riding on the success of the lead single, "When We Were Young", from their follow-up LP, 2006's "Sam's Town", which ended up giving them their first number one in the US.

Speaking to Guitar Player magazine, Dave said, "This song has a lot of sentimental value to us, because it was one that we all really liked and contribute equally to. I'm also not really sure where our career would be without it."

"It was the first single from our second album, and there was a ton of pressure to build on the success from our debut. Actually, the record company wasn't sure it should've been the first single, but thankfully it did really well."

The Killers have a new album on the way next year. The band have been working on a follow up to 2021's "Pressure Machine" and they are planning to drop it in 2023. Frontman Brandon said in the summer "We just had a few days off and Stuart [Price, producer] came and visited us on the road."

"We're sending things back and forth, and ideas. I'm talking with Shawn Everett [producer] too, and it's nice to have that combo. A full record will probably be early next year but there will definitely be some singles this year."

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