Paul Dano Describes New Film 'The Fabelmans' as 'Antidote' to 'The Batman'

The actor who played The Riddler in Robert Pattinson's DC superhero movie explains why his new role is very different from the comic book infamous villain.

AceShowbiz - Paul Dano claimed "The Fabelmans" was an "antidote" to "The Batman". Starring in Steven Spielberg's movie as Burt Fabelman - a character inspired by the legendary filmmaker's father Arnold, the 38-year-old actor discussed the contrast to starring as the Riddler in the superhero flick.

"I'm so lucky to have had the antidote of Burt in a way and making a film about family and something that was truly guided by love and a man of integrity and decency, and there's something very classically American," Paul told

"So, this was really about, 'How do I build a life?' How do this life that's been lived based on Arnold, Steven's dad?' And it's still hard for me to fully digest that Steven would want me to play his father. And it's really meaningful for someone like Steven to see that."

"The Fabelmans" is loosely based on Spielberg's upbringing and early years as a filmmaker and Paul felt fortunate to be given the chance to feature in the story. He said, "That courage started with (Steven) wanting to tell the story in the first place."

"And right from our very first meeting, which I was very nervous for, to meet him, he was so open and vulnerable and sort of honest and naked and emotionally intuitive about it, that it opens the door for you to be... In fact, you have no other choice but to embrace what he's giving you and that courage and bringing it yourself."

"As soon as he told me about it, there's only so many jobs where your heart really does truly leap. Like, 'Oh, this is beautiful. There's something here, and I get to be a part of that.' "

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