Coco Austin Breaks Down in Tears Over Living Under the Scrutiny of Mom-Shamers

The wife of Ice-T tearfully talks about the pressure of being a mom while facing constant criticism from online trolls in a sneak peek of her 'Tamron Hall' show appearance.

AceShowbiz - Coco Austin may have often brazenly clapped back at mom-shamers, but deep down she was hurt by the mean comments. The TV personality cannot help breaking down in tears as she talks about the pressure of living under the constant scrutiny of the public.

In a sneak peek of her appearance in November 22 episode of "Tamron Hall", Coco receives a sweet message from her husband Ice-T. "This is a shout-out going to my wife Coco," the rapper/actor says in the video obtained by E! News. "You are the most incredible person I've ever met, the nicest person I've ever met, and the best mother Chanel that anyone could possibly imagine."

"I love you to death," the "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" star, who films the video message from the set of the NBC police drama, concludes, "22 years, baby, and it gets better every day."

Tamron Hall tells Coco that Ice wanted to come by and surprise her but he was stuck working. "Oh my gosh!" Coco says with teary eyes. "That's pretty cool. That's cool."

The 43-year-old then wipes her tears as she confesses, "You know as a mother you don't hear that much. You don't hear that much from everybody." She shares, "I have the whole world and I'm underneath a microscope all the time, and you don't hear what good you do."

"You don't hear the goodness, you just hear a lot of bad," she explains of raising 6-year-old daughter Chanel. "And I know I'm a good mother because of my dedicated six years. Putting everything aside, my career, everything, just for her ... you just want a little love, you want a little respect from people."

Coco is indeed no stranger to criticism over her parenting skills. Back in September, she received backlash for bathing her daughter in a sink ahead of attending a Patricia Fields fashion show.

Responding to the criticism, the mother of one told Page Six last month, "Everything I do, people have got to say something about it. But now it's kinda weird to other people. Like, really? If you are a mom you have bathed your child in the sink." She went on ranting, "I was going to the fashion show, and they took that one second and made that one little thing bigger than anything else."

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