Amber Heard's Sister Losing 'Faith in Humanity' in 'Misogynistic' World After Johnny Depp Trial

Whitney Henriquez opens up on the harassment she and her actress sister are constantly facing following the star's high-profiled legal feud with former husband.

AceShowbiz - Amber Heard's sister is losing her "faith in humanity" after the Johnny Depp trial. Whitney Henriquez was among those who took the stand as a witness during the legal proceedings in Virginia this summer when Depp successfully sued his ex-wife for defamation over a 2018 opinion piece for the Washington Post in which she wrote about being a victim of domestic violence but did not name her former partner.

Whitney now talks about the "harassment" she faced after appearing in court. "To simply say that my faith in humanity has been called into question since the trial/verdict would be a gross understatement," She wrote in a post on Instagram.

"Not only did it highlight some pretty f****** major flaws in the judicial system, it also showed just how deeply misogynistic this world is and how harassment of anyone who speaks out or has a differing opinion is just simply accepted (just take a look at some of the comments on my posts, and undoubtedly this one ..."

The mother-of-two went on to insist she worries about raising her kids in such a troubling climate. She added, "It's a world that I'm scared to raise my kids in, and every day it just seems harder and harder to navigate and deal with."

She concluded the post by sharing an open letter of support to her sister which condemns the "vilification" of the actress and the "online harassment" she has suffered. Whitney called the letter "a much needed breath of fresh air," before adding, "Finally, the tides are shifting … Finally! #istandwithamberheard."

Whitney was one of the key witnesses in the trial and testified on behalf of her sister - claiming to have seen a physical altercation between Heard and Depp. Depp vehemently denied claims he had been violent towards his ex-wife and the jury in Virginia found Heard liable on three counts of defamation - ordering her to pay him $15 million.

The "Pirates of the Caribbean" star was found liable on one count of defamation as part of Heard's countersuit against him and he was ordered to hand over $2 million to his ex.

After the conclusion of the trial, Whitney shared an Instagram post praising her sister for speaking out. She wrote, "I still stand with you, sissy. Yesterday, today and tomorrow I will always be proud of you for standing up for yourself ... for being the voice of so many who can't speak to the things that happen behind closed doors. We knew that this was going to be an uphill battle and that the cards were stacked against us. But you stood up and spoke out regardless."

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