Oprah Winfrey Speaks Out After Her Name Is Falsely Used to Sell Weight Loss Gummies
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The talk show queen reminds her fans and followers not to buy any weight loss gummies with my picture or name on them as someone is 'misusing' her name for fraud.

AceShowbiz - Oprah Winfrey is clearing things up. Taking to her social media platform, the media mogul has spoken out after her name was falsely used to sell weight loss gummies and diet pills.

On Sunday, October 30, the 68-year-old posted a video on her Instagram page. In it, she explained that someone is misusing her name to sell weight loss gummies. "And so it happened to me again today. A woman came up to me and said, 'Can you help me get your weight loss gummies?' " she shared. "And I said, 'Ma'am, I don't have anything to do with weight loss gummies. And let me just tell you. You're the fifth person this week to mention it.' "

"So I'm going to address it. So this is my attempt to address it. It's coming to my attention. Many times over. Somebody's out there misusing my name. Even sending emails to people advertising weight loss gummies," Oprah explained further. She went on stressing, "I have nothing to do with weight loss gummies or diet pills and I don't want you all taken advantage of by people misusing my name. So please know I have no weight loss gummies."

In a note accompanying the clip, Oprah wrote, "Fraud alert! Please don't buy any weight loss gummies with my picture or name on them." The talk show queen added, "There have been social media ads, emails, and fake websites going out and I want you to hear it straight from me, that I have nothing to do with them." She further shared a reminder, "Please don't be taken advantage of and don't give your personal information to them."

Oprah's image and likeness are being used by scammers in August to sell Super Slim Keto Gummy Bears and various types of ACV + keto weight loss gummies, and even CBD gummies, despite not having any authorization to do so.

According to Google Trends, Oprah might be mentioned in various scams for F1 Keto ACV Gummies, Trim Life Labs Keto Gummies, Nuu3 Apple Cider Gummies, Go Keto Gummies, Simpli Health Keto ACV Gummies, Gemini Keto Gummies, Simpli Health Keto ACV Gummies and other products.

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