Fivio Foreign Blames Barclays Center's Production Team for Disastrous Halftime Performance

When addressing the issue, the 32-year-old emcee explains that his in-ear monitors weren't synched properly during his halftime performance at the New York City arena.

AceShowbiz - Fivio Foreign has explained why his halftime performance during the Brooklyn Nets' season opener was disastrous. When addressing the issue, the "City of Gods" rapper blamed Barclays Center's production for it.

"That's not really my production team," the 32-year-old said when speaking to TMZ. "That was a different team I don't use all the time. I did the soundcheck, s**t was good at soundcheck. I just gotta use my production team from now on."

The interviewer then asked Fivio whether the production team belongs to Barclays so it's the New York City arena's fault. In response, he said, "Yeah, it wasn't mine. That's Barclays."

"I wouldn't let Brooklyn down. I'm saying I'm gonna have to redo that ship," the emcee went on noting. He then explained that his in-ear monitors weren't synched properly, saying, "I wasn't really trippin'.... The sound was just off. I was hearing it at one time and it was coming out at another time."

Fivio was picked as the halftime performer for the Brooklyn Nets vs. New Orleans Pelicans on Monday night, October 17. However, when delivering "What's My Name", he was seen having audio problems as he visibly struggled to keep up with the backtrack audio playing throughout the arena.

Fivio has since been ridiculed on Twitter. "If you're illegally streaming this Nets game you know that this fivio foreign halftime performance is one of the worst things in history," one person in particular said, while another argued, "Worst halftime show I've ever seen, the f**k is Fivio Foreign doing????"

Echoing the sentiment, a user tweeted, "Fivio foreign performing at the nets sounds like your friend trying to sing karaoke that don't know the words." Someone else then joked, "Fivio Foreign is doing the halftime show for the #Nets and it's like he's trying to perform the songs after just hearing them for the first time five minutes before."

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