Kevin Gates' Fans Show Concerns About Violence at His North Little Rock Concert

Many fans of the 'Hard to Sleep' rapper share that coming to the concert isn't easy for them considering violence that took place near the musician's concert venue.

AceShowbiz - Kevin Gates' fans were excited to see the multi-platinum rap artist in action on his show at the Simmons Bank Arena on Thursday, October 13. Despite that, some of them apparently couldn't help but be concerned about their safety prior to coming to the show.

According to KARK, many fans shared that coming to the concert wasn't easy for them considering violence that took place in the area. "Oh yeah, my family was concerned about us coming out tonight," one fan revealed. "Our parent was actually telling us to be safe, you know, but we stay prayed up. God is our number 1 in our life."

A concerned mom also revealed that she decided to tag along with her daughter for safety reasons. Some parents, meanwhile, attended the concert because they are Kevin's fans just as much as their children. "You can walk out the door and something could happen so you might as well live your life," one parent divulged.

The concern is understandable. On Wednesday, two people were shot on 2400 West 12th street. The two victims were taken to the hospital, but one of the victims unfortunately died. Meanwhile, three people were shot between Booker and Johnson Street on Tuesday. LRPD is still investigating the two Little Rock shooting incidents.

That aside, Kevin previously sparked chatter after a video of him spewing racy rhetoric on stage was making its rounds on social media. In the viral clip, the "Hard to Sleep" rapper could be seen squatting on stage while rapping about what he would sexually do to a woman. He also made some kissing noises. While social media users were mostly confused and disgusted by his antics, the crowd appeared to love it as they cheered for him.

"Kevin Gates fan base is not what I expected," one shocked person wrote. Someone else commented, "A kevin gates concert is the nastiest place on this earth." A third user added, "Anybody that buys a Kevin Gates ticket is sexually frustrated," while one other insinuated that they would regret attending Kevin's concert and "would got my damn refund."

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