Ciara Trends on Twitter After Cardi B Unfollowed Her Over Her Interaction With Nicki Minaj

The 'Level Up' hitmaker's name has been trending on the platform after her positive interaction with the Trinidadian raptress amid the latter's social media feud with the 'Bodak Yellow' spitter.

AceShowbiz - Ciara has got people buzzing on Twitter after she positively engaged with Nicki Minaj. The "Level Up" hitmaker's name has been trending on the blue bird app after her friend Cardi B unfollowed her over her interaction with Nicki.

On Sunday, October 9, Ciara turned to Twitter to quote-retweet Nicki's post that simply read, "Bwahahahahahahahahahaaahaa." Reacting to the "Anaconda" raptress' tweet, Ciara wrote, "Why is Nicki so funny. This tweet just made me laugh just because [laughing with tears emojis]."

Upon learning of Ciara's social media engagement with Nicki, Cardi's fans dragged her. "Your husband getting replaced & outshined by his backup is also funny [blow kiss emoji] Say thank you Cardi," one of BardiGang wrote. Another echoed, "SAY THANK YOU CARDI." A third added, "Let's see if Nicki husband can be around your kids #saythankyoucardi." Someone else chimed in, "SAY THANK YOU CARDI. CARDI FEEDING THE HOMELESS."

A few minutes later, fans noticed that Cardi, who's been celebrating Thanksgiving with Ciara for years, hit the unfollow button on Ciara's page. "Cardi unfollowed Ciara after she quoted Nicki Minaj, beefed with 90% girls on QUEENMIX the day it released -- if this was Nicki Twitter would be in an uproar rn…," one user replied to Ciara's tweet.

Cardi and Nicki, indeed, have a long history of feud. More recently, Nicki was called out by Azealia Banks over her alleged obsession with Cardi. "Nicki is so obsessed with Cardi it's only making me like cardi more," the "Anna Wintour" raptress wrote via Instagram Story late last month. "Like I'm perched for C2… Nicki is giving twenty levels of peasy black girl with the burnt perm who is jealous of the Spanish girl that just moved down the block."

Azealia further said Nicki should've collaborated with Cardi and other women instead of beefing with them. The outspoken rapper claimed Nicki's behavior proved the Harajuku Barbie relied on "tokenism" throughout her career.

In response to Azealia's social media post, the Trinidadian Grammy-winning hip-hop superstar turned to her Twitter account to write, "Onika Tanya Maraj = the best b***h in the whole wide world. Wow."

In addition to that, Nicki's collaborators, Akbar V, JT, Maliibu Mitch, were involved in heated social media drama with the "Bodak Yellow" raptress.

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