The 'Hustlers' star and the 'Transformers' actor play a soon-to-be-married couple whose destination wedding is ruined by a group of gunmen taking them and the guests hostage.

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel take "Til Death Do Us Part" to a whole new meaning in the first trailer of "Shotgun Wedding". Courtesy of Prime Video, the sneak-peek video was released on Tuesday, October 4 for viewing pleasure.

It follows a couple, Darcy (Lopez) and Tom (Duhamel), who is about to have their dream wedding on a tropical island. As their family and the guests have gathered on the big day, the nuptials are ruined by a group of masked gunmen who take them hostage.

The romantic comedy soon turns thrilling with a lot of high-octane action scenes as Darcy and Tom try to escape the pirates and save their loved ones. The trailer shows the couple zip-lining, throwing grenades, firing shotguns and using a scary cake knife to defend themselves against the pirates.

Also featured in the trailer are Jennifer Coolidge as Tom's mother and Lenny Kravitz as Darcy's ex, who makes a dramatic entrance as he arrives in a helicopter.

According to the official logline, "in 'Shotgun Wedding', Darcy and Tom gather their lovable but very opinionated families for the ultimate destination wedding, just as the couple begin to get cold feet. And if that wasn't enough of a threat to the celebration, suddenly everyone's lives are in danger when the entire party is taken hostage. 'Til Death Do Us Part' takes on a whole new meaning in this hilarious, adrenaline-fueled adventure as Darcy and Tom must save their loved ones-if they don't kill each other first."

For the movie, J.Lo wore 28 bridal dresses. Israeli designer to the stars Galia Lahav worked with costume designer Mitchell Travers on the custom wedding gown to make the gowns that Lopez's character Darcy wears in the flick.

"This high-octane action comedy required dozens of copies of the same dress to be made. As the story devolves from a picture-perfect destination wedding into a hilariously chaotic adventure, so does Darcy’s gorgeous wedding gown," the bridal brand shared in a press release.

They went on explaining, "As a result, Galia Lahav meticulously constructed & created 28 dresses in just 1 month using special techniques and fabrics so the gown could be modified, ripped, and transformed into a uniform suitable for a glam action hero."

Directed by Jason Moore, "Shotgun Wedding" initially had Ryan Reynolds attached to star as the male lead before Armie Hammer stepped in. However, Hammer was later replaced by Duhamel following sexual abuse allegations against Hammer that surfaced in January 2021.

The romantic comedy action film is set to be released on January 27, 2023 on Prime Video.

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