Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne Involved in Scary Incident With Paparazzi
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Two filmmakers are reportedly arrested after a photographer took photos aggressively and invaded the actress and the model's space that led to a scary incident when the ladies tried to get into a uber.

AceShowbiz - Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne were caught in an alleged "punch-up" that ended with two filmmakers being arrested and appearing in court. The incident took place when a paparazzi tried to take their photo as the actress and the supermodel had finished eating at the Patagonia Sur restaurant in the La Boca neighbourhood of Buenos Aires at 3 A.M. on Sunday, October 2.

According to The Sun on Sunday night, Josey McNamara, a film producer and business partner of Margot's, along with key grip Jac Hopkins, were the men been involved in a scuffle with the photographer. As the photographer was said to have ended up on the ground bleeding with a broken arm, the two Britons were reportedly arrested and taken to a police station for questioning while it is understood Margot and Cara fled the scene.

TMZ reported that the incident happened when Margot and Cara tried to get into an Uber. "As the ladies were entering the car, a pap rushed them… our sources say the encounter freaked out the driver, who took off with Cara fully in the car, and Margot halfway in and halfway out," the outlet claimed.

The Sun, which named the photographer involved as Pedro Alberto Orquera, said onlookers called 911 and he was taken to hospital where he's said to be waiting on surgery for "serious injuries." Josey and Jac, however, told officers the photographer was "responsible for his own injuries," according to the outlet.

Additionally, the pair appeared in front of magistrates on Sunday afternoon. Josey worked with Margot on the upcoming "Barbie" film, while Jac was in the crew of the movie, which stars Ryan Gosling, 41, as Ken.

Margot, who has the same smiley face tattoo on her big toe as Cara, was last month seen visiting the model's home after pictures labelled "concerning" were taken of her friend looking dishevelled at Van Nuys airport in Los Angeles after returning from the "Burning Man" festival.

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