YUNGBLUD Glad to Be 'Misunderstood' as Artist

After initially feeling hurt by early criticisms of his image and music, the 'Tissues' singer is now pleased with the critics because it means he's not boring or forgotten.

AceShowbiz - YUNGBLUD is keen to knock down "the pedestal of a pop star." The 25-year-old singer - whose real name is Dominic Harrison - is on a mission to "stand for truth and connection" and to help people find the freedom to express who they really are.

"I want to destroy what it means to play by the rules. I want to stand for truth and connection and beautiful expression. I want people to be free to be themselves," he said. "I feel there is so much in the world, yet everyone is searching for love. If you had said that to me at 19 I would have said it was cliched b*******, but it's true."

The "Fleabag" singer admitted early criticism of his image and music hurt but now he's happy to be "misunderstood," so long as people have an opinion about him. He told the Sunday Mirror newspaper, "At first it got to me but I f****** love kicking the bear to be honest."

"It reminded me of being that 15 year old from Doncaster who was misunderstood. That was the whole reason I created Yungblud. A life and a career without risk and opinion means you have been forgotten or you are boring and I'm not here to do that."

Yungblud believes his self-titled new album is his "purest" record yet. He said, "It is proper neat whiskey, no mixer, no ice. It hits you straight at the back of your throat. That's why I self-titled it because I feel it is my most authentic album so far."

And the "Tissues" singer is "so proud" of his Doncaster roots. He said, "I love Donny. I am so proud to be from the north. I love my local chip shop. I really miss it. I travel the world but I miss my fish and chips. I'm so British."

"I love pints of lager, cigarettes in the rain, rubbish Channel 4 documentaries and sitcoms. I pack my suitcase with chocolate Hobnobs, Yorkshire tea and Wotsits. I live off Wotsit sandwiches when I'm wide-awake jetlagged."

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