Melanie C Has 'Never Felt Anything but Feminine' Despite 'Sporty' Image

The Spice Girls singer feels amused as her sexuality is often questioned because of her 'Sporty' look, insisting in a new interview that she has 'always felt female.'

AceShowbiz - Melanie C never questions her sexuality as she has "always felt female." Nicknamed Sporty Spice in the girl group and known for donning tracksuits and trainers, the Spice Girl admits she always found it hilarious when her sexuality was questioned because of her style and image because she's always been sure of her sexual preference and gender identity.

"No, it was so funny when they were questioning my sexuality in the Nineties, as it was never anything I had questioned in myself," she told Psychologies magazine when asked if she ever questioned her sexuality or gender.

"Music is very male dominated, and I've worked with non-binary people and am a big advocate for the LGBTQI+ community. So I feel like I am in a privileged situation where I can see past gender. But I've always felt female."

Melanie says it's "amazing" to see how inclusive her teenage daughter's generation are. The "Never Be the Same Again" hitmaker - who has 13-year-old daughter Scarlet with ex-partner Thomas Starr - added, "Yes, I'm a bit gobby, and I can give as a good as I get."

"But I've never felt anything but feminine. It's amazing how things have changed now, in my daughter's generation, where nobody bats an eyelid. You just think, wow, if we've come that far, then this is looking good."

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