Julia Fox Opens Up About 'Tough' Struggle With ADHD

The 'Uncut Gems' actress reveals she suffers from neurological disorder, claiming she often has 'deep, stagnant type of feeling' because of the condition.

AceShowbiz - Julia Fox struggles with ADHD. Taking to social media on Saturday, October 1, the 32-year-old star - who previously dated rapper Kanye West following his divorce from Kim Kardashian - spoke out about struggling with productivity issues and described suffering from the neurological disorder which causes a lack of control over impulsive decisions as "very tough."

"It's been very difficult. I have bouts of, like, great productivity, where I'm, like, on top of the world, and just feeling like I am invincible. And then I have moments of, like, deep, deep, deep, stagnant type of feeling. Like I just can't f***** move. And I've never really talked about it but my ADHD is really tough," she said.

The "Uncut Gems" actress then went on to add that as well as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder she also battles obsessive-compulsive disorder which left her needing to cunt the number of letters in a word and aids her troubles with smoking weed.

She spoked in a video posted to TikTok, "I have a little bit of OCD as well, which I just realised was OCD because I always used to count the number of letters inside a word in my head and I'd always want them to reach to 10 and if I'm not smoking weed, I'm literally counting. So the weed quiets down the OCD but it does not help with the productivity issue or my ADHD. Oh, it's just too much!"

Meanwhile, Julia - who has Valentino, 20 months, with ex-husband Peter Artemiev - believes mothers should be careful not to neglect themselves and their own wellbeing amid their determination to become the best parent possible.

She said, "I always resented the fact that when women have children, they suddenly become that child's mom. You need to choose you sometimes."

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