Latto Catches Heat With 'Inappropriate' Response She Gave to Kid Interviewer

The 'B***h From Da Souf' raptress lands in hot water over the answer she gives to 9-year-old fashion influencer Taylen B during a New York Fashion Week interview.

AceShowbiz - Latto (Mulatto) has come under fire over the response she gave to a kid interviewer. The "Big Energy" raptress found herself being dragged by Twitter users for replying t fashion influencer Taylen Biggs' question with an "inappropriate" answer.

In a resurfaced video from New York Fashion Week, the nine-year-old asked the femcee, "How would you describe your personal style?" In response, the hip-hop artist said, "I think I'm authentic. I think I give modern, sexually liberated women. You'll learn about that later."

The statement did not sit well with some people. One person in particular argued, "Which is it? Y'all want children to understand that sexual liberation and expression is natural, or do you want to continue to have these ultra-conservative narratives? Sexual liberation is not a pseudonym for a sexual act. Grow up."

"There are definitely 'little kid' ways to say that same thing. Like modern, confident, loving and appreciating the body that I have, friendly/social, 'feeling free to enjoy adulthood,' " another opined. "Who says 'sexually liberated' to the babies."

Latto has yet to react to the backlash. However, she declared on September 25th that she couldn't care less of people's opinions about her. "I'm so content w life rn idgaf what a hating a** h*e got to say," she said.

In a follow-up tweet, Latto noted, "Believe all the rumors, talk all the s**t." She then continued, "I truly no longer give a damn like at all lol LIFE IS GREAT!!!"

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