Doja Cat Enrages Island Boys Member as She Laughs at Him on Live

Flyysoulja furiously screams at the 'Kiss Me More' hitmaker after the Grammy Award winner wants to abruptly end her participation on TikTok Live with the member of the hip-hop duo.

AceShowbiz - Doja Cat has got on the Island Boy's nerves. The Grammy Award-winning artist has enraged one of the members of rap duo Island Boys, Flyysoulja, during their unprecedented encounter on TikTok Live.

On Monday, September 26, a video went viral of the duo's interaction. It's unclear what preceded the conversation, but things quickly went south between Doja and Flyysoulja in the short clip as she wanted to abruptly end her participation on the Live.

Seemingly not expecting to appear on the Live with Flyysoulja, Doja asked in the video, "How do I get you off Live?" Looking perplexed, the tattoo-faced rhymer questioned, "She wants to get me off the Live? Are you serious?"

Flyysoulja, born Alex Venegas, was clearly in disbelief as he repeated his question, "OK, do you actually want to get me off Live?" Doja replied, "No offense, but I don't want to do this anymore." The South Florida-based emcee responded, "Your attention span is too little, huh?" to which Doja replied, "Yes, so small."

Flyysoulja countered, seemingly trying to prolong the conversation, "OK, my attention span is small too but ...," before Doja cut in while laughing, "How do I do it? Help." Apparently, the "Mooo!" songstress' dismissal caused Flyysoulja to lose his temper as he screamed at her, "Look at me!" before the video ended.

Reacting to the awkward encounter, many seemed to agree with Doja. "She's so valid for that," one fan commented in the TikTok comment section. Another mocked Flyysoulja, "Oh he was hurt hurt!"

Defending Doja, a third fan said, "Who he yelling at like that???" Another person claimed, "Lil n***a got problems by the way he screamed 'LoOK At Me'." Meanwhile, someone else suggested how to end the conversation quicker as enthusing, "I woulda put my phone in rice."

Neither Doja nor Flyysoulja has addressed their awkward conversation on TikTok Live.

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