Boosie Badazz Admits He's Still 'Hurt' by Brother Stealing $469K From Him After Prison Stint

The 'Wipe Me Down' rapper, who also reveals in a new interview that he and his brother don't talk at all, previously called his brother 'a thief' for stealing his artist Yung Bleu.

AceShowbiz - Boosie Badazz (Lil Boosie) has opened up about his current relationship with her brother Taquari Hatch. When addressing the matter during an appearance on the "B High ATL" podcast, the "Wipe Me Down" rapper admitted that he's still hurt by the fact that Taquari stole nearly a half million from him.

"Man, when that money was missing, bro, I broke down. That was the money I had just came home and a got a check with," the 39-year-old, born Torrence Ivy Hatch, shared. "That was the money … everything was gone, bro. That s**t broke me down, bro."

"Then when they arrested him, it f**ked me up even more," the Baton Rouge native claimed. "$469K after you just come home from a murder charge, your first check [..] this b***h gone. Hurt me, bro. I still ain't got it back."

The incident occurred in July 2017, after Taquari served his prison sentence on a murder charge. In October of that year, it was unveiled that he wouldn't be charged after being booked on identity theft and fraud charges.

Boosie, who also revealed that he and his brother don't talk at all, previously called his brother "a thief" for stealing his artist Yung Bleu. He was so upset that his sibling signed Blue to EMPIRE Distribution and Record Label.

"My brother is a thie who forged my signature with blue on side him n tried to take me off my company but it didn't work," the emcee fumed on Twitter. "Him blue empire universal everybody was snakes .he's also listed as a writer n over 60% of Bleu catalog (so who writin the music). They mad they gotta pay."

That aside, Boosie recently offered Tiffany Haddish a job after she confessed that she lost all of her jobs due to a recent child grooming lawsuit, which has already been dropped. "@TiffanyHaddish I CAN'T PAY YOU WHAT THEY WAS PAYING YOU BUT I GOT A CHECK !!" he began. "N I WOULD LOVE TO PAY YOU TO MAKE A COMEDY WITH ME !" he tweeted.

"WHAT THEY DID TO YOU MIGHT BE CAREER CHANGING, DONT LET THIS SLIDE," Boosie reminded Tiffany. He went on to add, "this a billion dollar lawsuit SIS ! YOURE A STAR. U CAN PRODUCE YOUR OWN MOVIES."

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