Bre Tiesi Slams Fan Who Suggests Nick Cannon Should Pay for Night Nurse, It Backfires

The 'Selling Sunset' realtor, who welcomed a son with 'The Masked Singer' host in July, also urges fans to 'KEEP MY PARENTING, MY KID AND MY BABY DADDY'S NAME OUT UR MOUTH.'

AceShowbiz - Bre Tiesi has found herself being dragged on the Internet. The "Selling Sunset" star called out a fan who suggested Nick Cannon should pay for her night nurse, but her attempt to shame the individual backfired as more people came attacking her.

The 31-year-old voiced her frustration through Instagram Story. "I was talking about how I haven't slept bc baby is teething early and that a family member came to visit and spilled my milk all over the couch put my ember cup in the microwave which is electronic and that it was only 9am to then someone say nick should pay for a night nurse. not sure how ANYTHING I was saying had to do with needing a night nurse or Nick at all," she argued.

"All I was sharing was a hard moment as a mom being honest where after not sleeping and working it was just one more thing after the other," Bre, who welcomed a son with Nick in July, continued. "NOONE was talking about Nick this person decided to bring him up. She took it there just like everyone else does I hear it alllll day."

Bre also urged fans to "KEEP MY PARENTING, MY KID AND MY BABY DADDY'S NAME OUT UR MOUTH." She then stressed, "Nick is NOT my sugar daddy. Nick is MY F**KIN CHILDS FATHER THAT IS ALL. Watch your f**kin mouth when you speak on mine!"

Many have since reacted to the posts after they were re-shared by The Neighborhood Talk on Instagram. "Is she slow? Lol a night nurse comes while you sleep. If you don't wanna sleep don't tell us about being up for 3 days," one person asked. "Just say you're not comfortable with the situation and leave us out of it," another commented.

"Girl stop writing essays, and go to bed," someone else chimed in. "She probably could have taken a nap in the time it's taken her to type these long responses to issues she put online," a different individual replied, while one user mocked her by writing, "Girl bye lol, you was upset not receiving help from the pappy. Don't try to clean it up now you was triggered by the fan for a reason."

Bre initially declared that her "needs are met" by what she and Nick have together although she is not his only baby mama. She added during an appearance on "The Know for Sure" podcast, "This is our relationship and what you do outside of that is what you do outside of that... Everything is respectful, everything is honest."

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