Kid Cudi Sick and Tired of Making 'Same Old' Albums
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The 'Man on the Moon' star admits he was 'tired' of making music because it's always 'the same old thing' before finally coming up with his latest studio project 'Entergalactic'.

AceShowbiz - Kid Cudi confesses he lost interest in making albums before recording his new project. Preparing to release his eighth studio effort, the 38-year-old star has admitted he needed to make something unlike anything else out there to consider doing another record after 2020's "Man on the Moon III, The Chosen", which is why his upcoming offering, "Entergalactic", took the form of an animated musical.

"I was tired of making albums. I was bored of it. I was bored of having an album, dropping two music videos, and then that's it. I was tired of the same old thing. And I was like if I'm going to do another album, it has to be exciting," the rapper explained in an interview with Rolling Stone.

"It has to be something different that nobody's ever done before. And that's when I came up with the idea to try to do this musical told through animation. And it just made so much sense from that point on."

The Netflix animated series of the same name will be released alongside the LP, which he has executive produced, stars in, and wrote. Cudi further explained how he originally wanted it to be an anthology series, and still hasn't ruled it out.

He continued, "And at first 'Entergalactic' was supposed to be an anthology series. It was supposed to be one episode that was animated. So what I did was I just took the one animated episode and stretched it out into a full story. I don't know, maybe my anthology idea will come to life one day. It's still a really good idea."

The "Day 'n' Night" hitmaker went on to share how making the album - which is released Friday (30.09.22) - made him realise he's "willing and ready to be loved and give love." He said, " 'Entergalactic' gave me a new understanding of love and what I wanted."

"And I was a more powerful being when I went into 'Man on the Moon III' because of it. And you grow between each album. With every album, you become better in some sense. I learned a lot about myself with every album and I think this album was when I truly realised that I was willing and ready to be loved and give love and be there and be present."

"I think that that's where I was at when I made this album. In my personal life, I was finally in that place where it's like, I'm not young anymore and I have different things I want. And I got a chance to talk from a more mature place about love."

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