Prince Philip's Royal X-Files on UFO and Alien Could Be Released After Queen Elizabeth's Death

The Duke of Edinburgh reportedly launched an investigation into extra terrestrial life but it was kept under wraps during his wife's reign for fears of causing a stir.

AceShowbiz - Prince Philip's UFO investigation might be made public following the death of Queen Elizabeth. His investigative work into UFO sightings in the UK has remained under wraps until now as he developed a fascination with aliens after a bricklayer reported a close encounter with extra terrestrial life at the home of Lord Louis Mountbatten, Philip's late uncle.

The Duke of Edinburgh - who died in April 2021, aged 99 - has been credited with creating a so-called Royal X-Files on the subject of space and alien life. The Daily Star newspaper reports the royal family are now facing calls for the investigation to be made public. The work previously remained a secret during the reign of the queen.

Nick Pope, the ex-Ministry Of Defence official who was in charge of the UK government's UFO desk between 1991 and 1994, claims that Philip and Sir Peter Horsley - his ex-RAF associate - spent years investigating alien sightings.

He said, "[Philip] kept an eye on developments, subscribed to UFO magazines and newsletters and had witnesses interviewed."

He also claimed Philip's interest in the subject was deliberately kept under wraps during the reign of the late monarch as it would've caused a stir. Nick told "History TV", "This is highly sensitive. Here you have the queen's husband investigating UFOs. Had the news got out it would have caused a sensation."

Lord Mountbatten - who was assassinated in August 1979 - and Prince Philip are said to have "talked extensively" about the possibility of extra terrestrial life. And Richard Dolan - an expert on the UFO subject - is convinced that the late monarch was aware of the conversations between Philip and his uncle. He said, "You have to assume Queen Elizabeth knew."

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