Jenelle Evans Return to 'Teen Mom' Spin-Off, Claims She Has Nothing Against Her Replacement Jade Cli

Before Jenelle's arrival, Jade expressed her concerns the visit, wondering if it would be awkward between them since she was technically replacing the former on the show following her firing.

AceShowbiz - Jenelle Evans has made her return to the "Teen Mom" franchise. When appearing in the Wednesday, September 13 episode of "Teen Mom: The Next Chapter", Jenelle declared that she has nothing against her replacement, Jade Cline.

Jade was initially hesitant to meet Jenelle as she took the latter's spot following her firing from "Teen Mom 2" in 2019. "I don't know about Jenelle coming, like, am I going to be super nice to this girl just for her to go online the next day and talk s**t about me?" Jade said while getting ready for Briana DeJesus' party.

Noting that she didn't want to be involved in Jenelle's drama, Jade added, "I feel bad, something happened with David or something, I don't know, it's like you want to be there for people, but at the same time, I don't want to get bit in the a** for people who go and turn around and talk s**t." She continued, "I feel like there's been people I've been way too nice to and then I look back and I go, 'I should have never have done that.' "

However, when Jenelle arrived, it turned out things went well between her and Jade. The latter even helped the 30-year-old straighten her hair prior to the bash. During the preparation, Jenelle got candid about her marriage issue with her husband, David Eason.

"Life's been good, well not really," Jenelle confessed. "Me and David, we haven't been getting along lately. I mean, it's just on and off and it's just the fact that -- I don't care if I share this with any of you either -- it's just the fact that he doesn't -- which everyone knows -- he doesn't have a job and I'm sitting here providing for everyone for years and it's still the same way."

She went on to address the elephant in the room. "A lot of people have asked me, 'What do you think about Jade? What do you think about Jade?' And I'm like, 'I don't have nothing against Jade.' I'm like, 'If Jade doesn't say s**t about me, then I don't have s**t to say about her,' " she said.

Jenelle's came as surprise since TMZ reported in August that she would not return to "Teen Mom" spin-off. Jenelle's manager, August Keen, told the outlet that the decision was made after both sides "could not reach an agreement on a contract." August also noted that MTV wanted to sign the reality star to an exclusive deal, but it "would have limited other career opportunities for" her.

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