Sheree Whitfield Under Fire for Selling Shein Look-Alike Clothing Line

Additionally, a man takes to social media to accuse the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star of not paying him despite using his design for her new clothing line, She by Sheree.

AceShowbiz - The authenticity of Sheree Whitfield's She by Sheree clothing line is in question. "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star was slammed online after people found that her collection looked the same with versions sold by Shein and Amazon at lower price points.

On Monday, September 5, one Twitter user shared a side-by-side picture of Sheree's $130 gray two-piece athleisure set and a piece from Shein that looks identical to Sheree's. "She by Somebody Else!" the person sarcastically wrote.

"Nah you wrong for these Shein joggers and charging NIKE prices," one person blasted the TV star. Another critic wrote, "Ummm when you can buy it from Amazon without the She by Sheree logo for a third of the price, then I have a problem. #RHOA."

Someone added, "So after 10+ years of no fashion, you just put your name in a look alike Jeffree Star logo, printed it in a Ali Express/Shein garment and charged it 130$?!" Another tweet read, "Gurl How dreadful! We were rooting for you smh. She by Sheree? More [like] She by Shein Express wtf?! You know what #RHOA."

The backlash arrived after Sheree pulled off a She by Sheree fashion show in season finale of "RHOA". Her castmates applauded Sheree for overcoming the obstacles she seemingly faced to make her fashion dreams a reality. "She pushed through, she pulled through and got it done. I'm very proud of her," Kandi Burruss said.

The controversy surrounding She by Sheree didn't stop there. A man claimed that while Sheree used his design for her new clothing line, she never paid him. "not only she takes all the credit never said thank u and it was on national tv last night and I made her look good out of 14 years of trying," the man named Tyre alleged. "this lady still never at least just reimburse me let alone pay me smh."

He continued, "I made her 40 pieces of clothes less than a week . She not gonna make a dollar off that clothing line cause god don't play bout me and I ain't giving her no patterns or ideas no more so that's that . What yall saw last night was echoes of my years in fashion and making people millionaire if you knew all the companies that come to me for designs and ideas and samples you would hit the floor in disbelief. Lolk I careless to be famous but pay me and respect what I do and did for u."

Sheree has yet to comment on both the criticism and the allegations by Tyre.

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