Caitlyn Jenner Being Challenged to Boxing Match by Trans Artist Who 'Would Love to Shut Her Up'
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A few months earlier, the former Olympic gold medalist, who is a transgender woman herself, landed in hot water for doubling down on criticism against trans athletes.

AceShowbiz - Will Caitlyn Jenner step in the ring soon? The retired Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete has been challenged to a boxing match by a transgender recording artist BraydBunch.

While facing off against Mike Mazza for an upcoming fight, BraydBunch took the time to challenge Caitlyn, relaying a message that the upcoming fight would bring others into the boxing scene. "Once I finish you mike, I'll actually get some trans women or non-binary fighters to step it up. In fact, someone like Caitlyn Jenner. Right? I would love to shut her up," BraydBunch said in footage obtained by TMZ on Sunday, September 4.

"I'm hoping," BraydBunch added. She went on saying of the 72-year-old Caitlyn, "You know, [Caitlyn] is kind of old. But I'm hoping she could come out of retirement. She's one and out and I promise you she will not be undefeated when I finish her Olympic champion."

BraydBunch continued, "In fact, Caitlyn, if I win, I think you should give your medal back." She then concluded her statement as saying, "You wanna fight me come up with something. If I lose, I'm here for the challenge."

Caitlyn has stepped in the boxing ring before having fought and "beat" bodyguard Mark Behar back in 2009. Mark claimed after the charity match that the fight was staged for the former "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star to win.

It would be a surprise to see Caitlyn step into a boxing ring. The socialite and TV personality seems to be enjoying time on the golf course these days and doesn't exactly seem to be searching for a brawl.

That aside, Caitlyn's recent statement about trans athletes didn't please online critics. The "I Am Cait" alum found herself being dragged on Twitter after she addressed controversial trans female swimmer Lia Thomas of the University of Pennsylvania, who won the 500-yard freestyle. "I don't think biological boys should compete in women's sports - we have to protect women's sports," she said during an interview with Daily Mail, "That's the bottom line."

"I don't see how you can be happy beating other girls under these circumstances," the parent of Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner said. "You have to have a sense of personal responsibility. You can still enjoy sports but not play at a competitive level, right?"

Upon learning of her gesture, one person tweeted, "Caitlyn Jenner launches yet another disgraceful attack on trans athletes without a hint of irony." Someone else added, "You know damn well our testosterone levels drop dramatically as we take our HRT. You didn't have a problem demanding to play in a women's golf tournament. It's disgusting to watch you put these children in danger with your rhetoric."

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