Ireland Baldwin Not Getting 'Monthly Allowance' From Famous Parents

Ireland claims has teamed up with her boyfriend and started her own businesses as she no longer receives allowance from actor father Alec Baldwin and actress mother Kim Basinger.

AceShowbiz - Ireland Baldwin says she doesn't receive "an allowance" from her famous parents. While acknowledging that her dad and mom have made "life a lot easier" for her, the 26-year-old model who is the daughter of Hollywood stars Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger with a reported combined net worth of $80 million, insisted she does not receive a "monthly allowance."

"At different points in my life, my parents have definitely helped me. I do not get an allowance from my parents because I am 26 years old. Nothing wrong with that if you do get an allowance from your parents at 26, and there is a lot of 20-something-year-olds, 30-something-year-olds even who are in between jobs or going through hard times. And that's totally cool if your parents help you out. I don't think anyone should be judgemental of that at all," she said during a Q+A session on TikTok.

"My parents have helped me so much in my life, I can't even tell you. They have made life a lot easier for me in comparison to a lot of people, believe me. But I do not get a monthly allowance."

Meanwhile, Ireland has been dating musician Andre Allen Anjos - who is also known as RAC - since 2021 and explained that she and her boyfriend have now opened up a restaurant business together but also has hopes to break into screenwriting when she is not volunteering at animal shelters.

She added, "I am a business owner. [My boyfriend, RAC, and I] are opening up a cafe, wine bar, and a boutique. And we are starting a brand together. Another big part of my life is I am a foster rescue dog mom, I work in adoption and I work with a lot of fosters and a lot of rescues. I am in the works and in the process of starting my own rescue and have been for a while. The biggest piece of the puzzle is that I am a screenwriter and before you go 'What have you done?' I've done nothing."

"I just took this career path. I was modelling for most of the younger chunk of my life thus far and then I took a path in screenwriting right before COVID hit. I started production with my best friend and we pitched TV shows and we write movie scripts, we work on commercial stuff. We have been working together now for a couple of years and things are just getting started for us. Everyone has to start somewhere!"

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