Nico Tortorella and Bethany C. Meyers Expecting Baby After Two Years of Fertility Struggle

The 'Walking Dead: World Beyond' star and their partner are delighted to announce that they are finally expecting their first child following struggle with IVF treatment.

AceShowbiz - Nico Tortorella and Bethany C. Meyers are adding parents to their resume. Getting married in 2018, the "Younger" star, 34, and the bec.come founder, 35, are expecting a baby after struggling with IVF.

"We've been trying to conceive for almost two years and we're happy to announce our baby finally decided the time was right. As anyone with an infertility journey will tell you, it's not easy," the couple told PEOPLE.

Nico and Bethany are just starting to comprehend the "magic and healing" their foray into parenthood will give them. They continued, "After months and months of heartache and unknowns we are beginning to see just how much magic and healing this process has already offered."

"Of course, we still have a ways to go, and we know some days will be more difficult than others. But, today is a celebration. Today we are one step closer to becoming parents. All of it is you baby."

In 2019, the pair shared that kids were going to be part of their lives "when they're supposed to." Bethany said, "It's definitely on the horizon! I was for sure that it was going to be this year but now I’m like, maybe a little longer. I think both of us believe that our children will come to us exactly when they're supposed to."

Nico - who is genderfluid - added, "I like to think that our baby's going to choose when it's the best time, it's not going to be us that makes that decision. We hear 'em knocking on a regular basis. I have dreams about our kids all the time. They're ready, somewhere."

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