John McEnroe Had No Idea Who Mindy Kaling Was When Offered 'Never Have I Ever' Role
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The 63-year-old tennis legend says he wasn't aware of 'The Office' alum when he met her at an Oscars party, where she first offered him to narrate her comedy-drama series.

AceShowbiz - John McEnroe was unaware of Mindy Kaling before he agreed to narrate "Never Have I Ever". The 63-year-old tennis legend narrates the hit comedy-drama series, but John wasn't actually aware of the show's co-creator before he she approached him for the role.

Recalling their first meeting at an Oscars party, John said, "I met her at this Vanity Fair Oscar party and we were just crossing paths and [my wife] Patty [Smyth] goes, 'Oh, that's Mindy Kaling!' I wasn't even sure who it was then and [Mindy]'s like, 'Oh my god, I have this idea of you narrating this show,' and I'm like, 'Oh yeah, yeah, sure you do. Of course I'm gonna narrate this show.' ... And then, hey, it actually - this is actually working!"

By contrast, Mindy's dad was a huge fan of John during his tennis career. The former sports star told Entertainment Tonight, "It turned out her father was a big tennis fan and must've talked about me a lot when she was growing up."

Earlier this month, Mindy admitted that sees some of herself in her "Never Have I Ever" characters. The actress co-created the hit drama series with Lang Fisher, and Mindy admits that different parts of her real-life self have been included in the show.

She shared, "One of the great things about a show like this, and creating it, is that every character, I think, represents a different side of my personality. I am impatient, like Nalini [Poorna Jagannathan] and sort of no nonsense. I feel, like [I have] the same attitude about young people and efficiency that she has. But I really do relate on a very, like, cellular level to Devi [Maitreyi Ramakrishnan] and her want, her desire of being loved and accepted and wanting a boyfriend. That all feels so - that really mirrors my childhood."

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