Chrisean Rock Arrested Not for Assault, Seemingly Back Home With Blueface After Bar Altercation

After the 'Thotiana' spitter clarifies that his girlfriend is arrested for trespass, not for hitting him, he's seen sleeping in a car which also carries the 'Baddies South' star after she's released from custody.

AceShowbiz - Chrisean Rock and Blueface are seemingly still inseparable despite their rocky relationship. Having been arrested following their latest altercation with the rapper, the reality TV star has seemingly returned home with her on-and-off boyfriend.

Following her release from custody, Chrisean took to her Instagram Stories to share clips of her on her way home. She briefly showed Blueface who was sleeping in front of her, while she shared her side of the story regarding the fight.

The "Baddies South" star said the fight started because she snatched Blueface's phone again. He ran after her, but she tried to tell him to get away from her. "I don't condone hitting a man," so she said in the clip. She also revealed that Blueface wanted to break up with her, but she refused to leave him because of their "deep" spiritual connection.

Chrisean was arrested on Sunday night, August 21 following a tussle with her boyfriend in Whiskey Row bar in Scottsdale, Arizona. While viral footage captured her striking Blueface twice in the face, he later clarified that she was taken into police custody for trespass, not for assaulting him. He also asked for her release, saying, "We don't ever make the same mistake twice."

Cops later confirmed to TMZ that Chrisean was arrested for misdemeanor charges of criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. She has since been out of custody, but it's not clear if a bail was posted on her.

Meanwhile, Blueface's mom Karlissa Saffold weighed in on the incident via her Instagram Stories. "You hypocrite animals are now saying what I said before she kicked me in the head," she wrote, referring to her efforts to get Blueface out of his relationship and addressing the haters online. "I did my best to stop it but y'all told me to mind my own business."

She added, "All I can say is I pray for my sons and daughters every time I think about them... It's a mother's job to know what's good or evil for their own child. If you busy minding your own business, shame on you!!! If he had listened to me and not you hypocrites he would not have to battle these demons."

This prompted Natalie Nunn, who executive produces Zeus' "Baddies South", to call out Karlissa, accusing her of swindling Chrisean's paycheck. "Mom respectfully go to bed," Natalie wrote on her own Story. "Honestly you was at the office tryin to get us to put her checks in your account PLEASE STOP I DONT EVEN STEP IN NO FAMILY STUFF BUT U WAS TELLING ME TO PUT HER CHECKS IN UR ACCOUNT WHEN U TOOK HER TO THE ZEUS HOUSE FOR THE PHOTOSHOOT DAY."

Karlissa later responded to the accusation, claiming that Natalie didn't keep her promise to pay Chrisean $100k, and only paid her $20k, for her appearance on the show, while she tried to help Chrisean negotiate her contract. "If you are going to use me for clout at least tell the truth," Blueface's mom wrote.

She continued, "@realmissnatalienunn let's not forget I talked Rock about you. She wanted you to put her lol $20K y'all paid her in my account because she knew y'all was taking advantage of her paying her only 20K for helping y'all show go up. I videotaped the entire conversation."

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