Michael Buble's Sister-in-Law Injured in Violent Car Crash

Daniela Lopilato has been taken to a hospital with neck and spinal injuries after her car was smashed by another vehicle in 'a pretty violent collision.'

AceShowbiz - Michael Buble's sister-in-law narrowly avoided death in a horrifying car accident. Daniela Lopilato - who is the sister of Michael's wife, actress Luisana Lopilato - got injured when the car she was driving in her native Argentina flipped upside down after being hit from behind by another vehicle this week.

Although she has now returned home, nutritionist Daniela, 43, suffered neck and spinal injuries in the accident in Buenos Aires and was taken to hospital after being freed by firefighters.

Argentinian journalist Pia Shaw, speaking on the TV show "LAM" which shared images from the crash scene, said, "The images you're seeing now are terrible and the protagonist is Daniela Lopilato. She was admitted to Los Arcos Hospital in Buenos Aires but is back at home now."

"The car you see on its roof is Daniela's. This happened in the Martinez area. Another driver hit Daniela's car from behind. It was a pretty violent collision. She hurt her neck and back and couldn't get out of the car and was really scared. Firefighters were sent to assist her."

"The other driver stopped and handed over all their details. I spoke with Daniela a short while ago after she was allowed to leave hospital and she told me she was just waking up to the fact God had given her a second opportunity. She feels she's alive thanks to God. She's okay but she's been through a traumatic experience and she's still shaken up about it."

Michael, 46, has been married to Luisana, 35, since 2011. The couple have sons Noah, nine and Elias, six, and daughter Vida, four, with Luisana currently pregnant with their fourth child.

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