Luke Hemsworth Refuses to Compete With Brothers Liam and Chris Hemsworth

The oldest Hemsworth brother explains in a new interview the reason why he avoids getting into a competition with his younger brothers when it comes to acting.

AceShowbiz - Luke Hemsworth refuses to compete with his younger actor siblings Liam and Chris Hemsworth. Although he and his brothers like to "one-up" each other in "everyday life" and give out constructive criticism, the 41-year-old actor says he would never pit himself against the pair when it comes to acting.

However, the former "Neighbours" star quipped that the "gorgeous" hunks might think differently when it comes to each other. Speaking to Men's Health Australia, Luke said of Liam, 32, and Chris, 38, "I don't compete with them for anything in acting."

"They might compete together because they're both 6ft4 and knock down gorgeous. But it's fun to be supportive. It's fun to learn lines with them. It's not like we're not critical of each other, that's for sure. But it's criticism designed to take a performance to another level."

"In everyday life, we're normal brothers. We definitely try to one-up each other. We like to have fun. We like to laugh."

Meanwhile, Luke previously admitted he felt "stung" after being overlooked for a role in the "Star Wars" franchise. He auditioned for the titular role in 2018's "Solo, A Star Wars Story", and he was devastated when he was overlooked for the part in favour of Alden Ehrenreich.

Luke shared in 2020, "I've definitely auditioned for Solo, Han Solo. I really wanted that. That one really hurt more than others because I wanted it so much. You develop a thick skin fairly quickly because more often than not you're getting turned down."

Luke also confessed he didn't enjoy the experience of auditioning for the "Star Was" movie, describing it as an "alien environment." He added, "The nature of auditions is you never get feedback. They're usually pretty weird. You're just in a chair. It's really hard."

"Confidence is sometimes ... It's bull***t. It's a bravado. You're pretending, you're just trying to get through a performance that doesn't look like you're s***ting yourself. Everyone is just sitting there waiting for you to do something cool. You quickly have to develop a thick skin otherwise you fall apart."

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