The 18-year-old Nashville-based songstress, who rose to fame after releasing 'abcdefu', unleashes the new track as she announces her new EP called 'a study of the human experience volume two'.

AceShowbiz - GAYLE has debuted a new single called "indieedgycool". On the track, which was released on Friday, August 12, the teenage sensation brags about being a trendsetter whom "everybody is copying."

The tune arrived along with its official music video. In the visuals, the 18-year-old musician can be seen spending most of the time singing in a bathroom instead of enjoying a party with her pals.

"I'm too cool for the radio/ Got vintage kicks, I'ma let you know/ Got champagne bottles in the bathtub/ That my best friend stole from the yacht club," she sings in the chorus. "Parents got money, but they ain't rich/ I got Gucci, but I prefer to thrift/ I'm hot s**t, you know how it is/ I'm an indie, edgy, cool kid."

Speaking about the story behind the track, GAYLE shared in an interview with Sweety High, "Sometimes I can care too much about being cool, so I used to say the phrase 'indieedgycool' to make fun of myself for caring." She added, "I had the idea to turn it into a song when I was at a party with a bunch of people I didn't like and I encountered people who I would consider 'indieedgycool' kids in-person and on the internet, then wrote a song about it."

"The song is a good reminder for me to not take things so seriously sometimes and just to be willing to laugh at myself and take others' opinions more lightheartedly," the Nashville-based songstress went on explaining. "I hope people hearing the song can feel the same."

GAYLE, who rose to fame after dropping an expletive-laden breakup song "abcdefu", unleashed "indieedgycool" as she announced her new EP, "a study of the human experience volume two". The new project is set to be released on October 7, the day before she kicks off her new North American headlining tour.

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