'Andor', which sees Diego Luna reprising his role as the titular character, explores the origins of the hero, whose sacrifices would eventually help the Rebel Alliance take down the evil Galactic Empire.

AceShowbiz - Disney+ unveiled a full-length trailer for its upcoming series "Andor" on Monday, August 1. While some fans were excited to get a better look at the prequel series to "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story", some others were the opposite as they noticed that an unmodified AK-47 was featured in the video.

In the beginning of the trailer, an unnamed character can be seen brandishing what appears to be the controversial rifle during an action scene. "Star Wars" prop teams aren't strangers to using real-life weapons as the basis for fictional munitions featured in the franchise. However, this seemingly is the first time for them to use an unmodified real-life weapon.

Fans of "Star Wars" felt that the usage of the weapon is unfaithful to the "Star Wars" universe as they accused "Andor" producers of being "lazy." An angry fan tweeted, "5 seconds into the trailer and you've already pissed me off." Another fan added, "The guy has got a f–king AK-47! IN A STAR WARS SHOW! YOU'RE SO LAZY! You couldn't be bothered to design a space gun. I'm so tired. So very tired."

Echoing the sentiment, one other said, "Hard pass, no aliens and just a regular old AK-47. No creativity. Where does this take place.. Russia or Ukraine? How dumb." Fuming, one user noted, "That design clearly being a prop AK-47 is just lazy. Hell, the guy looks like he's wearing a jacket and hoodie. These aren't Star Wars designs."

George Lucas reportedly shared that he "drew on real life conflicts" when he started making movies back in the 1970s. The Rebels, which were featured in 1977's "A New Hope", were said to be inspired by the Viet Cong in the Vietnam War. Many Viet Cong fighters used AK-47s at the time, but Lucas opted to use the gun as the basis by which to create the fictional A280 blaster rifle.

Elsewhere in the trailer, Diego Luna's Cassian Andor can be seen infiltrating the Empire while donning a drab gray Imperial uniform. "To steal from the Empire, you just walk in like you belong," Andor says in the trailer. "They can't imagine that someone like me would ever get inside their house."

During his appearance on "Good Morning America" on Monday, Luna shared that his character starts his journey as a "regular guy" thrown into extraordinary circumstances. "It's the beginning of the origins of a revolution," Luna teased. "It reminds us what we're capable of -- what we're all capable of."

"Andor" explores the origins of the hero, whose sacrifices would eventually help the Rebel Alliance take down the evil Galactic Empire. It features Luna returning to the "Star Wars" universe with Stellan Skarsgard, Adria Arjona, Genevieve O'Reilly, Denise Gough, Kyle Soller and Fiona Shaw joining the cast. The show also sees Forest Whitaker reprising his role as the extremist Saw Gerrera.

The first three episodes of "Andor" start streaming on September 21 on Disney+.

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