Video: Chief Keef Scrambles for Cover as Fireworks Go Haywire at House Party

The 'Love Sosa' rapper is caught on camera ducking behind cars on his driveway with other guests as the high-flying sparks go in all directions on the ground.

AceShowbiz - Lighting fireworks is all fun and games until it nearly causes an accident. Chief Keef almost blew his house as fireworks went haywire during a Fourth of July celebration that he threw at his home over the long weekend.

Like many other Americans who celebrated Independence Day by setting off fireworks, Sosa joined in on the fun by enjoying the sparkly display with his friends and family on Monday, July 4. In a video captured and shared by his 43B signee Lil Gnar, the Chicago-drill rapper and the guests gathered in his driveway to light the fireworks.

At the beginning of the video, the crowd kept their distance from a lit firework that shot straight up into the sky. Everyone was in awe of the sparkly display, but things took a turn rather quickly as the remains of the firework began spewing sparks in all directions on the ground.

Chief Keef and others were seen scrambling for cover behind his fleet of sports cars. Even as they ducked behind cars and seemed as if they were out of harm's way, the high-flying sparks curved overhead and barely missed people.

Rapper Robb Banks, however, seemed to find some humor in the entire thing as he's seen laughing and flashing a smile at the end of the clip. Thankfully, no one didn't seem to be injured. "sosa almost blew da crib up," Lil Gnar captioned the clip which he initially posted on Twitter.

People soon poked fun at how Chief Keef's street life may have helped him survive this time. "the muscle memory kicked in from them oblock days, he got to ducking quick," one person quipped underneath a repost of the video on The Shade Room's Instagram account. Another enthused, "They got flashbacks of just a regular day in Chicago." Someone else joked, "Nah man nah. Imagine surviving being in the streets just to be taken out by fireworks."

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