Azealia Banks Claims 'We Like White' Beyonce Amid One-Sided Beef

Taking to her Instagram account, the 'Anna Wintour' rapper further slams the singing diva, whom she previously called 'lame,' after the release of her new single 'Break My Soul'.

AceShowbiz - Azealia Banks continues her rant against Beyonce Knowles. Taking to her Instagram account, the "Anna Wintour" rapper further slammed the singing diva after the release of her new single "Break My Soul".

After calling Beyonce "lame" and accusing the singer of trying to erase her contribution to house music, Azealia claimed that Beyonce stole from black creatives. She also said that she prefers the "white" version of Beyonce instead.

"Since Bey is out here pretending to support black divas with bouquets of wilted flowers after stealing their art, arrogantly assuming they don't have money for legal counsel," she wrote on Instagram Story. Azealia is referring to Beyonce sampling Robin S.'s "Show Me Love" single for "Break My Soul".

"Can we get an update on Koi Knowles??? Ya know, your little sister you think we forgot about? This French coffee knee-high,white Orthopedic wallaby communion plate Sunday school baptist cornbread wig jig is up Bey," she added. "When do the Blue Ivy and Koi Knowles Photos drop??"

The 31-year-old went on to educate her followers on house music, naming some of her favorites which included Chris Brown, Janet Jackson and Deborah Cox among others. "Absolutely no one is going to be thinking about Beyonce. … Beyonce just makes bad house music!!!!" she said. 

Azealia also shared some voice memos in which she criticized Beyonce's musical abilities. She noted, "We do not really like afro-centric Beyonce. We don't want braids... We don't really want 'Brown Skin Girl.' We Like White Yonce."

The New York City native previouslly labeled Beyonce "sneaky" and "lame" as she lashed out, "Like, oh my f**king God. You're a joke. You're so sneaky. You're trying to erase my contribution-God knows f**king who. Just encapsulate me in time. You're a f**king creep Beyonce and watch everything I do."

"Just the levels of thirst," she went on to claim. "Yeah, you wanna write me out of my own narrative and then like, try and own that narrative and be that revolutionary Black feminist rebel who's into ATRs and Dance music, and all this other stuff. You are so f**king lame."

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