Madonna Dubbed 'Pathetic' and 'Gross' for Making Out With Tokischa Onstage

Aside from seeing the two sharing passionate kisses, the audience at Terminal 5 in Manhattan also watch the female rapper kneeling down and putting her face in The Material Girl's crotch.

AceShowbiz - Madonna's recent performance earned her backlash. The Queen of Pop found herself being called "pathetic" and gross after making out with rapper Tokischa at New York City Pride concert on Thursday night, June 23.

When taking the stage of Terminal 5 in Manhattan, the 63-year-old was joined by the Dominican native as she performed her 2005 hit "Hung Up". The two later shared a passionate kiss before the "Linda" spitter knelt down and put her face in The Material Girl's crotch, prompting the singer to joke, "It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it."

Videos of the racy moment have been circulating on social media and people were clearly not amused by Madonna's actions. "Madonna's so thirsty for her former Material Girl life. File this under how to act thirsty and pathetic in your 60s," one person fumed on Twitter.

"Seriously, she is old enough to be her [mom] - just gross," someone else argued, while another person added, "Kissing Madonna must be like kissing that dried up sponge in the kitchen sink." A different user commented, "Someone take her back to the home... For the love of God."

The criticism continued with one individual writing, "I wish Madonna would sit her old a** down." One other person raged, "Madonna is too old to be tonguing girls down on stage... She be forgetting that age giving, she can't be kissing on these young girls, it's creepy."

This was not the first time for Madonna to kiss a fellow female artist during a performance. At the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, she and Britney Spears shared a smooch when the former was singing her single "Hollywood". Madonna then locked lips with Christina Aguilera who was also onstage..

Madonna and Britney recreated their iconic MTV VMAs kiss earlier this month at the "Baby One More Time" hitmaker's wedding to Sam Asghari. In a photo seemingly taken during the reception, the two women were seen leaning in, with Britney wearing a short red minidress and Madonna rocking a rainbow frock.

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