GQ Clowned for Making Brad Pitt Look Like Corpse on Its Cover Photo
GQ Magazine

Shocked users liken the 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' actor to a wax statue and others complain that the picture gives a funeral vibe after the magazine unveils its July issue.

AceShowbiz - Many people may agree that Brad Pitt is gorgeous for the way he is. Thus, too much photo editing may do him wrong than right. GQ has to learn this the hard way after apparently retouching an image of the actor for its cover.

The magazine has been heavily criticized by social media users after unveiling the cover for its July issue along with a cover story interview with the "Ad Astra" star. In the cover photo, the 58-year-old stares with a blank face as the complexion of his face looks paler than his neck and hand. Clad in a wet blue shirt and donning a gold necklace, he is surrounded by colorful flowers with a small lizard perching on his chest.

Instead of pleased with the aesthetics of the image, many pointed out that Brad looks like a corpse in the image. Others thought that the photo gives a funeral service vibe. Not mincing their words, they have since taken to social media to slam the magazine for the "worst" photo of the awards-winning actor.

"Is he alive ? Somebody come poke him," one person enthused. Another shocked user reacted, "I swear I looked at the pic like is he alive? Look fresh off the embalming table." A third commented, "Nah cause it's def giving corpse."

"Not funeral services," another weighed in. A few expressed their disappointment with simple comments like "Oh nooooo" and "Welp," while another dubbed the cover photo "creepy."

One person likened Brad in the image to a wax figure as remarking, "What in the madam Tussaud is goin on." Another critic wrote, "Awful thing to do to a gorgeous man," while someone else echoed the sentiment as saying, "Worst photoset ever."

GQ has not responded to the backlash over the cover photo.

In the meantime, in the interview published on Wednesday, June 22, Brad talked about approaching retirement. "I consider myself on my last leg," he admitted, "this last semester or trimester. What is this section gonna be? And how do I wanna design that?"

The "Bullet Train" star, who produces movies under his production company Plan B Entertainment, also discussed his health, telling the magazine that he may have prosopagnosia, otherwise known as face blindness, though he has not been formally diagnosed yet. The condition prohibits him from recognizing new faces or remembering people he meets in social settings, but the actor said "nobody believes" he suffers from the condition.

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