Chris Brown Finds Being Turned Down by Diddy for Record Deal in His Early Career 'a Blessing'
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The RnB superstar talks to N.O.R.E. in an upcoming 'Drink Champs' interview about the 'Bad Boy for Life' rapper's reluctance to sign him to Bad Boy records when he was much younger.

AceShowbiz - Chris Brown has opened up about his early career. Speaking to N.O.R.E. in an upcoming "Drink Champs" interview, the "With You" hitmaker revealed how he was turned down by P. Diddy for a record deal.

In the Thursday, June 23 episode of the podcast interview, the 33-year-old RnB singer revealed, "The funniest part, a lot of people don't really know this, but Diddy turned me down. But it's a blessing." N.O.R.E., who expressed shock, then asked the Virginia native if he danced for Diddy, too. "If you danced, he definitely would've signed you," joked N.O.R.E.

"It's love now. That's family, that's my brother now," explained Chris. "Imma keep it 100. So I was like 12, at this time. This was before I linked to Def Jam. It was me and one of my production managers' son named TJ; he's my brother to this day. Me and him were like a group."

N.O.R.E. later asked Chris, "What was the name of y'all group?" to which the "Look at Me Now" crooner responded, "We didn't have no name." N.O.R.E. went on to suggest, "This is why he ain't sign you. Y'all ain't have your s**t together, Chris."

Since the initial shutdown, Diddy and Chris have collaborated on songs like 2011's "Yesterday". The musicians both were seen hanging out with Busta Rhymes and Bryson Tiller last year.

Chris' interview came a few days after he weighed in on the debate about whether he's better than Michael Jackson. When the topic was brought up during his interview with Big Boy, Chris humbly said, "That's cap."

Chris later said that he believes he wouldn't be who he is today without the late King of Pop. "My personal take on it is I wouldn't even be breathing or even be able to sing a song if that man didn't exist," he told Big Boy.

"I don't know if they look at it as a [Michael Jordan]-[Kobe Bryant] thing, but I couldn't even look at it. He's lightyears ahead. There is no competing with him," the "Beautiful People" crooner further stressed. He even revealed that he has "shrines of this man hanging up in my house," adding, "Hell no, I ain't better than him."

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