Soulja Boy Appears to Diss Trouble After His Death

The 'Crank That (Soulja Boy)' rhymer is believed to be going on a rant against the late Atlanta spitter on Instagram Live as he talks about rappers who talk tough on the Internet.

AceShowbiz - Soulja Boy may be dissing one of his foes, Trouble, after the latter's passing. The "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" hitmaker is believed to be targeting the late rapper during an appearance on Instagram Live.

On Wednesday, June 8, the 31-year-old went on a rant during the approximately 20-minute livestream. "None of them n***as ain't shoot s**t, air nothing out, even they homeboys," he said, seemingly referencing the time when he reportedly shot someone among a group of people who tried to break into his house in 2008. "F**k you talking 'bout n***a? One man, just me, on my feet, just me, two feet aired all them n***as out. At 18, n***a. Aired all them n***as out. Beat the case on self-defense. Ain't snitch on nobody like 6ix9ine, n***a."

"Dudes be talkin' tough as hell on the internet to me like they gangstas and then go out like some h*es," Soulja continued to say in the video. "That s**t crazy as f**k, bruh. These n***as really be b***hes, bruh. That's crazy. How you so tough on the f**king internet and getting killed in real life? That s**t crazy. Tough-a**, internet-a** n***a. B***h-a** boy, f**k you talking 'bout. That s**t crazy. I feel like I'm the only n***a that got some sense."

"I told them n***as to they face they was some h*es, though," Soulja, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, added. "This like the fifth n***a talk s**t end up dead...Anybody else want to talk s**t to Big Draco? Where y'all at? Do anybody else got something to say to Big Draco? Please get in line. You dead a** n***as."

While Soulja didn't mention Trouble's name, social media users believe his diss was aimed at the "Bussin' " emcee. "TOMORROW SOULJA BOY GONNA SAY HE WASNT DISSING TROUBLE," one Twitter user mocked him.

Another predicted that danger is lurking behind Soulja for trash talking the late rapper, "I can't wait till somebody touch Soulja boy that n***a a b***h. He acting like a n***a went toe to toe with trouble a n***a killed and caught him off guard while he was laying down!! I can't stand that b***h a** boy fr." A third person warned him, "I don't think Soulja boy understand it's people in Atlanta that'll really STEP behind trouble."

The issue between Soulja and Trouble stemmed from the former's comment on Young Dolph following the Memphis star's passing in November 2021. At the time, Trouble defended Dolph and called out Soulja for the unnecessary commentary. During their back-and-forth, Soulja ominously told Trouble he could be next.

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