Tank Breaks Silence After Hit With Gay Rumors: 'Love Always Wins'

Responding to the speculations about his sexuality, the 'Can't Let It Show' hitmaker takes to social media platform to call out people who lack 'love and understanding.'

AceShowbiz - Tank is setting the record straight about his sexuality. The "Can't Let It Show' hitmaker made use of his social media platform to break his silence after being with rumors claiming that he is gay.

Taking to his Instagram account on Tuesday, May 24, the 46-year-old R&B singer wrote, "I've never been gay and i've never been bisexual but that will not stop hateful people from saying it." He added, "So i welcome your lies and your deceit! It will not stop me from loving all of the people God created. It will not stop me from being legendary! I exist to make you hateful people mad af!!.. Love always wins!"

Prior to that, Tank responded to an Instagram user who accused him of hiding something about his true self. "Nothing's secure about a man that refuses to come out of the closet," the said person wrote. In response, the crooner replied, "Why lie?"

The "When We" singer continued in a separate comment, "As you can see by these comments, the hate will never stop. The divide will continue as long as people lack love and understanding." He went on saying, "You calling me gay or making up s**t to support your gay claims about me won't make me gay."

Tank also confirmed that the hate and rumors he's hit with won't stop him from supporting and showing love to the LGBTQ+ community. "Keep my name in your mouth cause that only makes me more legendary! Love always wins!" he concluded.

The speculations arose following Tank's appearance on "Drink Champs". In the May 21 episode of the podcast, Tank was put in the hot seat across from hosts Noreaga and DJ EFN. At the time, he shared his opinion that there's a disdain for the LGBTQ+ community within the black community.

Despite saying that, Tank showed love to everyone in his audience and clarified that he "would entertain whether it's a bunch of girls in the front row or a bunch of guys." Some of the highlights from the episode also included him giving R. Kelly a shout-out for his impact on the music industry as well as choosing Tory Lanez over The Weeknd for "overall artistry."

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