Fans are speculating that the 'Breakfast Can Wait' singer is pregnant again, less than one year after welcoming her first child with her ex DaBaby, after noticing her rounder belly.

AceShowbiz - DaniLeigh has spoken up after fans were speculating that she is pregnant again. Calling it "so mean" to start the rumors because of her slightly rounder belly, the 27-year-old singer has denied that she's having a bun in the oven.

After noticing the chatter, it didn't take long for the Miami native to address the pregnancy rumors. Taking to her Twitter page to set the record straight, she wrote on Tuesday, May 24, "I'm seeing I'm pregnant everywhere , no I am not …."

Dani didn't seem to be offended by the rumors though, as she managed to laugh it off. "Yall coming for my lil belly pouch that's so mean lol," she added in the same tweet, before promising to her fans, "I'm tryna lose it ok."

The rumors that Dani might be expecting her baby No. 2 sparked after she posted a couple of videos on her Instagram Stories. In the clips, the mother of one rocked a tight blue dress while sitting in the car, accentuating her slightly bigger tummy.

At the same time, Gotvitytea Twitter account posted a photo of Dani that appeared to highlight the supposed baby bump. Asking for confirmation, the page captioned the image, "Please deny @DaniLeigh."

Responding to the tweet, one curious fan asked, "@DaniLeigh are you pregnant again that's what the internet saying." Another directed the question to Dani's baby daddy DaBaby as tweeting, "@DaBabyDaBaby is @DaniLeigh pregnant again."

DaniLeigh reportedly gave birth to her first child, a baby girl, whom she shared with DaBaby in August 2021. The pair had a tumultuous relationship which culminated in a strong argument that was shown by the rapper on his Instagram Live in November.

Earlier this month, the "Yellow Bone" songstress talked about her toxic relationship with DaBaby in an interview with Angie Martinez. "It was very triggering, very sad," she said of the fight. "I wish it didn't happen because I don't want my baby to see that later on in life."

"During that time, I definitely wasn't his side piece, and he knows that too," she clarified. "It was very selfish, being that I just had our baby." When asked about his lack of apology, she responded, "He's just like that."

Dani followed up the interview with her new song "Dead to Me", in which she calls him out for his "toxic energy" and cheating. "I ain't got no more time for toxic energy," she sings, before bringing up her brother's bowling alley altercation with DaBaby. "Momma never liked you're a**/ Brother wanna fight you're a**/ Daddy hate your trifllin' a**/ My dog even wanna bite you're a**."

DaBaby later responded by calling her "toxic" in an Instagram clip. The Grammy Award-winning artist also accused Dani of stalking his other baby mama. "I feel like you should tell them, folks, the real reason why I put you out. It's 'cause you were stalking my other baby mama, and that s**t was affecting, you know, the relationship with my princess, my big girl," so he claimed.

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