Diddy Blasted After Crediting Jay-Z for Filling 'Big Void' Following Tupac and Biggie's Deaths
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The 'Bad Boy for Life' spitter gets slammed online after thanking the 'Dear Summer' hitmaker for filling the hip-hop stars' shoes following their sudden deaths.

AceShowbiz - Sean "P. Diddy" Combs has landed in hot water. The "Mo Money Mo Problems" hitmaker has been ridiculed on social media after he thanked Jay-Z for filling the "big void" in the hip-hop world following Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G.'s deaths.

During a Twitter Spaces session celebrating Biggie's 50th birthday on Saturday, May 21, Jay-Z was talking about the hole that Tupac and Biggie left behind following their sudden deaths. "As far as Big and Pac and pushing forward that's just me being a student of the game and loving the game and loving the culture and wanting to push the culture forward," Hov said.

"That was the challenge that I was faced with and that's a void. That's a big void," Jay-Z added. "Others stepped in to fill it. That's a big void. That's the two pillars right that. Imagine that, within a year.

In response, Diddy said, "Bro, you filled them shoes though. You came in and we definitely give thanks. You definitely came, and I just know how much Big really looked up to Jay. They looked up to each other." The "Bad Boy for Life" spitter further gushed, "That is crazy you had to step into the shoes of two people. They had things on lock."

"Hov was coming, but it was like these two cats was [sic] just so big, and so to have all of that come on you and have that responsibility to keep this s**t fly and keep the art of it going," Diddy added. "I think Hov kept the art of it going and take where they was [sic] at and take it even higher."

Upon learning of Diddy's statement, many social media users believed that Diddy "disrespected" Tupac and Biggie over his claims that Jay-Z saved hip-hop music. "The disrespect," one person said. Another insisted, "No their shoes will NEVER be filled."

"Nah I disagree Pac & Biggie were legends of their own their shoes will never be filled. Not even close," a separate person chimed in. Someone else even labeled Jay-Z "overrated," adding, "How can you say Jay was coming when they passed because he didn't drop an album around that time and he was doing a lot of remixes???"

Biggie would've turned 50 on May 21. To celebrate the occasion, the iconic Empire State Building in Manhattan lit up in red and white in honor of the late rap luminary, with an illuminated crown spinning around its mast serving as a reminder of his "King of New York" status.

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