Sterling K. Brown Uses 'This Is Us' Tragedy to Say Final Goodbye to His Late Father

The actor portraying Randall Pearson on the hit NBC series shares that one of the show's emotional scene gives him 'an opportunity' to 'say goodbye' one last time to his father three decades after his passing.

AceShowbiz - Sterling K. Brown was finally able to grieve the death of his father. The actor portraying Randall Pearson on the hit NBC show said that he could mourn the passing of his dad after playing out a similar tragedy onscreen on "This Is Us".

On the series, viewers saw Sterling's character holding his biological father, William Hill (Ron Cephas Jones), as he passed away. Sterling admitted that the emotional moment finally helped him achieve closure because he didn't get to say a final goodbye to his own dad when he was younger.

Sterling told the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine, "I wasn't able to be at the hospital [for my father's death] because I was just 10 years old and they didn't want me to be present." He went on saying, "But this [the scene] was sort of an opportunity for me to say goodbye."

The emotional storyline led to Sterling becoming the first African-American actor to win a Golden Globe in the Best Actor in a Television Drama category at the 2018 ceremony after being nominated for his role in the drama.

Making the show, which is due to end after six seasons next week, has also been a cathartic experience for series creator Dan Fogelman, who told the publication he took inspiration from his own life to come up with the storylines on the multi-generational drama. He explained, "This show, in a weird way, has become a psychological study of my inner workings."

"And by proxy, all of my writers who have poured themselves into it," Dan shared. "We weren't all saying, 'I'm going to try to capture something I'm feeling inside or grasping at about my childhood.' It was more of us just telling a story and then after the fact we're going, 'Whoa! I put a lot of that on television, didn't I?' "

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