Kerry Washington Left 'Scandal' Co-Stars Pissed Off 'for Years' Over Kissing Scene Question

The Olivia Pope depicter on the hit drama series reveals that her co-stars Scott Foley and Tony Goldwyn were mad at her for years after she said she don't like to kiss either one of them.

AceShowbiz - Kerry Washington has shared that she left her "Scandal" co-stars pissed off over kissing scene question. The Olivia Pope depicter on the hit drama series infuriated Scott Foley and Tony Goldwyn after declaring she didn't enjoy kissing either of her two male leads during their sexy scenes on the show.

The 45-year-old actress didn't want to upset Tony, 61, or Scott, 49, by singling either of them out as the better smoocher when quizzed by Ellen DeGeneres back in 2014. During her Thursday, May 19 appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", she admitted her bid to avoid conflict only ended with the pair being "pissed for years."

Kerry unveiled her previous appearance had landed her in hot water, telling Ellen, "I got in a lot of trouble here because you asked me who I liked to kiss better on the show between the two make leads." She added, "I thought I was keeping the peace by saying I don't like to kiss either one of them but they were both pretty pissed for years."

"Like, 'Why would you say that on national television?' " Kerry quoted the men. Ellen then said, "You could have gone the other way and said you liked kissing both of them equally but instead [you said that]. Nobody telling the truth ... there's clearly one better kisser."

The host then pushed Kelly to finally reveal her answer, asking, "Who is it? Now that the show's over." However, Kerry refused to answer and gestured she was keeping her lips sealed on the matter.

The TV star played Olivia on the show and she smooched Tony, who played U.S. President Fitzgerald Grant. She also kissed Scott, who later joined the cast as assassin Jake Ballard.

"Scandal" ran for seven seasons between 2012 and 2018 with a main part of the story focusing on a love affair between political fixer Olivia and the sitting president.

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