Azealia Banks Clowned After Confessing Her Crush on Kodak Black

In the meantime, the 'Super Gremlin' rapper has his eyes on another woman as he comments on Jadya Cheaves' photo which features her posing in her all-blue look.

AceShowbiz - Azealia Banks has let everyone know the type of man that attracts her. Having been using Twitter to express her thoughts on many things, the outspoken star also made use of the platform to reveal her crush on Kodak Black.

The 30-year-old hip-hop star made the confession on Friday, May 19. Out of the blue, she tweeted to her more than 100k followers, "I got a crush on Kodak Black."

Instead of feeling for her, many users soon clowned her for her random post. "this not something to confess," one person replied to her tweet. Another mocked Azealia, "too bad ur not a teenager so he doesn't want you."

"He think you're too dark already boo have you checked out Jack Harlow recently?" a third added. Someone was too shocked to learn her type of man as writing, "Oh Lord... In what way Azealia? In what way do you mean?" One other chimed in, "I can't say I'm surprised. I don't expect any better from you."

Kodak has not responded to Azealia's confession, but that's probably because he's got his eyes on another woman. On the same day the "Anna Wintour" raptress revealed her crush on him, the Pompano Beach native commented on Jayda Cheaves' photo instead.

In the image, Jadya showed off her chic all-blue look which included a short dress, a Birkin bag and stylish sunglasses, all in matching color. In his caption, Kodak wrote, "This how my girl posta been on Haitian day wit me but a custom Haiti flag and red Birkin."

Azealia has been talking about everything she wants on Twitter lately. Recently, she dragged Jay-Z on the blue bird app, claiming, "Jay-Z literally took one look at ur dumba** and switched out the Hennessy for his own brand of d'usee while u grieved the loss of your mom…… even he knows that is all you are worth. Being a f**king desperate statistic easily swayed."

She went on alleging, "Jay-Z's female artist marketing tactics are so f**king played out. Drum up some domestic violence lie, garner public sympathy, strip the artist of her confidence, isolate them and use them as vehicles for whatever white think tank agenda ala mode It's actually f**king pitiful."

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