Music Producer Plans to Sue Ezra Miller as He Accuses Them of Stealing His Work
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Oliver Ignatius alleges that the 'Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore' actor releases their unfinished music online without giving him credit and without his consent.

AceShowbiz - Ezra Miller has faced a new allegation amid their recent scandals. The "Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore" star was accused of stealing an artwork by a music producer, who is now planning to sue the actor for the matter.

Oliver Ignatius claimed in an interview with Rolling Stone that Ezra, who uses they/them pronouns, had published music online without credit or consent. Of how they ended up working together, Oliver shared, "They were going through a scorched earth-type fallout with their Hollywood career. They were severing many of the relationships in their life and seemed to be on a very dangerous spiral."

Since then, Oliver and Ezra met up intermittently in the mainland U.S. and Hawaii to work on the project. "It was like pulling teeth," he said. "We all had high hopes that it was going to be a project that was beautiful, that was going to be meaningful for us... But it didn't really pan out that way."

Oliver noted that he continued working on the project by himself and enlisted Philadelphia-based rapper Ghais Guevara for a feature on one of the tracks. Following Ezra's arrests, Oliver decided to regrouped with the actor one again final touches.

Unfortunately, things took a turn when Oliver introduced a song "he wrote about a female friend who was murdered by her husband." For Oliver, it was an "attempt to examine patriarchal violence with grace," but after listening to it, Ezra reacted with an "aggressive temper tantrum."

"They were completely triggered by the song which totally freaked me out because basic feminism is a really hard line," he said. "Ezra's behavior throughout this exchange was atrocious, belligerent, threatening, and incredibly aggressive."

The incident led Oliver to quit the project. However, Ezra, who was arrested in Hawaii for allegedly throwing a chair at a woman back in April, unleashed unfinished music online, including songs they had not worked on at all. "What Ezra did was commit an… extremely unethical and hurtful act," he said.

"They stole from artists that have fewer resources than them but maybe have art that Ezra wants… The person I thought I knew was a much gentler soul than the person that we're seeing right now. It's been a very concerning journey," Oliver continued. Thus, he intends to launch legal action against The Flash depicter because he owns the track's masters.

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