David Beckham 'Frightened' for 'Family's Safety' After Stalker Turned Up at Daughter Harper's School

A 'delusional' woman named Sharon Bell claims that she was in a relationship with the former football superstar and that his 10-year-old daughter is her legitimate child.

AceShowbiz - David Beckham is left "frightened" after a female stalker showed up at his daughter Harper Seven Beckham's school. The former football superstar feared for his "family's safety" over the stalker, who claimed that Harper is her legitimate child.

During a court hearing on Friday, May 12 in Westminster Magistrates' Court, Prosecutor Arizuna Asante told the judge that a woman named Sharon Bell turned up at Harper's primary school, in a bid to speak to her, when Victoria Beckham (Victoria Adams) arrived to collect Harper. The prosecutor added that David had felt "threatened" over the scary incident.

"Ms. Bell has said not only to the police but her psychiatrist, which is that she has effectively the delusional belief that she was in a relationship with David Beckham, that he stole her eggs, and that Harper Beckham is her legitimate child," he stated, "That is why we believe she turned up at Harper Beckham's school." He continued, "[David] felt threatened and frightened for the safety of his family and he believed this behavior was targeted and intimidating."

District Judge Michael Snow then responded, "What is clearly and a bizarrely clear assertion that her eggs were stolen and that the child is her child." The judge further noted, "Anyone who is even vaguely scientifically or biologically minded can see that this is clearly a delusional assertion."

Judge Michael then stated, "What I've been asked to do here, is request Victoria Beckham to attend a court for a clearly delusional assertion on the basis if her defense of insanity doesn't work, that she ought to be able to be challenged in the theft of something that it is frankly impossible to steal."

Sharon has admitted sending a series of letters in which she alleged that David and Victoria stole her eggs. However, Sharon, who was arrested when she turned up at the school on 18 November 2021, denied stalking David and his family "without fear, alarm or distress" between 6 July 2021 and 18 November 2021.

Sharon is currently under a stalking protection order. She must not go within 500 meters of the Beckhams' London or Oxford homes or Harper's primary school and any other educational institution she believes any of David's children attend. She must not follow, approach or wait for any of the family members as well.

Also in the Friday hearing, judge Michael decided to extend Sharon's interim stalking protection order until July 14. He also explained that the court is awaiting a further mental health report to determine whether she will be fit to take the stand.

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