Coi Leray Tries to Get Benzino's Instagram Account Removed for His Own Good Amid Feud

The 'Trendsetter' artist insists that she wants her dad's social media account to be removed as she wants him 'to heal offline' but he 'does not know the 'off' button.'

AceShowbiz - Coi Leray wants to protect her father at all costs despite their social media feud. The "Blick Blick" raptress has revealed that she tried to get Benzino's Instagram account removed for the sake of his mental health.

During an interview with "The Cruz Show" published on Friday, April 22, the 24-year-old hip-hop artist revealed that she has contacted Instagram to delete her dad's page amid their ongoing feud. "I try to report him! 'Cause he needs to know the 'off' button. He does not know the 'off' button," she told host J Cruz.

"And my dad doesn't understand, I love my dad, because family is everything. But blood don't make you family," Coi continued. The "TWINNEM" raptress added, "And when you start doing s**t that starts questioning your loyalty and who you are as a person, especially to your own daughter … I forgive. I have faith. That's why I'm still here and able to be like 'Yo, [that's] my father. I have faith.' "

Coi was then asked, "If you could, would you square up with your dad?" The "Trendsetter" artist responded, "If I could, I would knock him the f**k out. I would if I could. But, no. I just have to pray for him. And I want him to heal offline. I really do."

Elsewhere during the conversation, Coi said that she believes her dad shouldn't be spending too much time on social media. "I'm doing everything I gotta do for me. This my time. So, you gon' see me on social media everywhere. TikTok. Instagram. Twitter, whatever," Coi elaborated. "But, him? I'm not saying that he shouldn't be going on and living his life, but you definitely shouldn't be using these platforms to tarnish my life and show people what it really is."

Coi went on stressing, " 'Cause if we take it there, it ain't gon' end well. And he knows that." She then concluded, "So, while we're trying to go ahead and better ourselves and hopefully have a relationship in the future, we gotta start somewhere, you know?"

On Thursday, April 21, Coi said that she's still got Benzino's back amid their feud as well as his heated beefs with 50 Cent and trans model Shauna Brooks. "Nah, there's people that's praying for him. Like me. Please don't even put this energy in the air [a broken heart emoji] Just Pray because we are real people end of the day regardless," she wrote via Twitter.

Prior to stating that she's "praying" for Benzino, Coi threatened to expose him after the former "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star tweeted, " all u weirdo mfs who like to throw shade at me about MY daughter understand this, she's MY DAUGHTER, I made her, raised her, love her & proud of everything she's doing. Y'all just met her, I've known CC my whole life. So keep supporting her because if she's wins, then I WON." Coi later replied, "You want me to post these screenshots of what you said to me? Or you wanna just chill or go get help? Lmk."

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