Pics of Dwyane Wade's Daughter Zaya Kissing Her Transgender Boyfriend Spark Debate

Some parenting cops slam the former NBA star for allowing his teen daughter to flaunt PDA on social media, while others tell the critics to stop minding others' business.

AceShowbiz - Dwyane Wade and his family were at the center of Internet debate when he confirmed that his then-12-year-old child identified herself as a transgender girl in 2020. Now, Zaya Wade has started social media chatter again after debuting her boyfriend on Instagram.

On Sunday, April 17, the 14-year-old shared pictures of her celebrating Easter with her loved ones, including father Dwyane and her aunt Tragile Wade-Johnson. In some of the images, the teen posed with her boyfriend Hudson.

While the photos shared by Zaya were all sweet and cute, Hudson took to his own Instagram account to post other photos of the young couple. In the two images, they showed a little PDA as they shared a hug in one snap and kissed in the other.

In the caption of her post, Zaya wrote, "I've had the best weekend, spending quality time with my family and s/o for Easter. I hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter today and a wonderful Passover this week!! I love you guys."

Instead of focusing on how Zaya embraced the Easter spirits, Internet users were distracted by the affectionate display of the lovebirds. One of them who think it's too much was Andrew Caldwell, an internet sensation known for coining the phrase "Im Delivert."

"I don't care about Zaya preferences. But I do know if your daughter was 14 you wouldn't be pleased with her taking pictures of herself kissing her boyfriend at 14…," he wrote on Instagram on Monday. Many agreed with him, with one commenting, "Drew today is the first time ever I have to agree with you. "

"Its the fact that their still kids! My 14 yr old won't be kissing NOOOOOBODY and takin pics of it," another pointed out. A third echoed the sentiment as writing, "Yea I agree it's a bit much." Blaming the parents, someone else claimed, "It's alottttt of red flags in that family..," while another remarked, "Whole story is sad and poor parenting."

Some others, meanwhile, told the critics to stop minding others' business. "preferences? and how about you mind your business and worry about denying your own desires instead of what a child is doing with their life," one clapped back at the parenting cops.

Someone else similarly clapped back, "How about stop telling people how to raise their child!!!! Every household is different. Worry about your own s**t before trying to smell someone else's."

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