Paul Pierce Clowned Over Alleged Sex Tape Nearly a Year After Being Fired by ESPN Due to NSFW Clip

In the raunchy clip he shares on his social media platform, the basketball Hall of Famer and his new rumored girlfriend, Sophia Elizabeth, are seen making out on a couch.

AceShowbiz - Paul Pierce has been clowned by social media users. The NBA champion has gotten trolled after he teased what appeared to be a sex tape nearly one year following his termination from ESPN due to wild Instagram livestream.

Making use of his Instagram Story on Tuesday, March 15, the 44-year-old former basketball player shared a raunchy makeout clip with his new rumored girlfriend, Sophia Elizabeth. In the video, he filmed the couple kissing on a couch before she said, "He's mine now b***hes," while giggling.

"You said you were going to make it official," Paul said, to which the woman replied, "We are official right now." Paul then moved the camera down to show his legs and unbuttoned pants. "They can't see nothing that's going on down here," his lady companion seductively said, adding, "It's mine."

At one point, Sophia could also be seen touching his crotch area. Paul then could be heard asking her to have sex with him before the clip ended. In a following Story, Paul shared a boomerang selfie of Sophia and tagged her.

"Bro be like posting everything [laughing with tears emojis]," one Twitter user said. "His life changed for better once ESPN fired him [laughing with tears emojis] Paul 'too turnt' Pierce," another quipped with a different person writing, "This n***a lost that contract with espn and said f**k it."

"Look at this hall of famer behavior. lol," one person criticized. A separate social media user penned, "This man is really wilding [laughing with tears emojis]. Man has reupped on his moves that got him yanked off ESPN." Meanwhile, another opined, "He got fired from espn for havin b***hes and this is what he posted on insta story???"

Paul was fired by ESPN last April, just a couple of days after hosting a racy Instagram Live session. In the footage, the basketball Hall of Famer could be seen smoking and playing card games in a room with some exotic dancers who showed off their twerking skills in skimpy lingerie.

At the time, Paul seemed to confirm the firing news on social media by posting a cryptic video to his Instagram page. "Yo, I just want to thank all my supporters, I want to thank my haters and everything. Look, but check it out, bigger and better things coming, baby," he said in the clip. "Don't worry about it, fall twice you get up three times. Just always remember to smile, baby."

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