Brandy Asks Fans to 'Pray' for Her as Daughter Sy'rai Smith Is Dating

Following the 'Boy Is Mine' hitmaker's comment on her daughter's relationship with Elidjah Diallo, social media users speculate that something about the boy doesn't sit well with Brandy.

AceShowbiz - Brandy is just like every mother whose daughter is entering the dating scene. Expressing her concern about her daughter Sy'rai Smith's relationship with Elidjah Diallo, the mother of one has asked her fans to pray for her.

Sy'rai recently took to her Instagram page to share pictures from her vacation with her boo in Big Bear Lake, California. In several pictures, the 19-year-old girl flaunted PDA with Elidjah. "i can't keep my cool, baby baby," she wrote in the caption.

Brandy then reposted on her Instagram Story one of the photos which saw Sy'rai posing with Elidjah, who stood behind his girl while holding her hand, on the snowy landscape. Underneath the picture, the mother wrote, "Pray for me ya'all."

After Brandy's Story was reposted on OnSite's Instagram page, many weighed in on what her comment meant. Some people speculated that something about her daughter's boyfriend doesn't sit well with "The Boy Is Mine" songstress.

"Just from the looks of him ion want him with her," one Instagram user commented. Another joined Brandy in her prayer, "pray she find a new one." A third weighed in, "Somethin about him don't sit right with me either sis."

Some others pointed out Elidjah's appearance. "His ponytail throwing me off," one remarked. Another agreed as saying, "Looking at that bun, I'm gon pray for you baby." Someone else opined, "He give me zesty vibe."

Another fan warned Elidjah, "Lol. We praying, Brandy. And he BETTER have good intentions or he will get a brigade of Aunties beating him down with tote bags."

It's unknown when Sy'rai and Elidjah started dating, but the two first introduced each other on social media in late October 2021. Sharing photos of her with her boyfriend, Sy'rai wrote at the time, "you & me." Elidjah, meanwhile, declared on his own Instagram account that she is "mine."

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