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New installments of popular franchises and movie adaptations of comic books are expected to become the answer to revive the industry from a long drought due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

AceShowbiz - Action and sci-fi movies often rely on great cinematography and "Moonfall" (February 4), from Rolland Emmerich, a notable director in these genres, is expected to combine breathtaking visuals with impressive cast, which includes Oscar winner Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, Michael Pena and Donald Sutherland among others. The story centers on a mission to save Earth from a collision with the moon.

If hardcore actions suit you better, Tom Cruise, an actor known for his action movies, has not just one, but two movies coming in 2022. They are the long-delayed "Top Gun: Maverick" (May 27) and the long-in-the-making "Mission: Impossible VII" (September 30). The "Top Gun" sequel will surely get people nostalgic while enjoying some aerial acrobatics, as the new "M: I" movie will keep the heart pacing with dangerous stunts.

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