Brooke Shields Reveals She's Virgin Until She's 22 as She's 'Always Terrified' of Sex

After losing her virginity, the 'A Castle for Christmas' actress confesses that she 'had so much guilt' and thought she was 'committing an offense to humanity for being a Catholic' and unmarried woman.

AceShowbiz - Brooke Shields has opened up about sexual fears she experienced in her younger age. The "A Castle for Christmas" actress revealed that she was a virgin until she was 22 years old as she was "always terrified" of sex.

In an interview with Yahoo Life published on Tuesday, December 14, the 56-year-old said, "Sex for me it has really evolved. My 20s, I was always terrified of it, because I was a virgin until I was 22." Losing her virginity left the former model racked with guilt. "You know, I thought I was committing an offense to humanity for being a Catholic, not married, and I had so much guilt," so she said.

Brooke explained how sex "evolved" for her with age. "My career, I was being told sort of, oh, you're not viable once you're 40," she shared. "We're not at the end the way people are living now. We're at a new beginning. And so I kept saying I just feel like I'm beginning. I just feel like I'm beginning."

"I wanted to market to that, to help women really sort of find the courage and take the chances, and the resilience, that they've had to get this far and really kind of embrace the next chapter," the actress added. "My 30s, it wasn't really about being sexy. It was having your body work to create something. That was like a 10-year kind of journey."

Once Brooke entered her 40s, she began to really see sex as something for herself. "And it wasn't until my 40s that I started thinking of sex as my experience, not someone else's experience that I just navigated," she said before mentioning how she wants her own lessons to positively affect her daughters, 18-year-old Rowan and 15-year-old Grier.

"What I want my daughters to know is that it's a joint decision. Even with as woke as everybody is, you'd be shocked at how they see themselves within relationships," Brooke told the outlet. She further stressed, "I don't want them ever to feel used."

Brooke then explained, "I want them to feel more in control and not ashamed of anything." She also praised her husband, Chris Henchy, as saying, "I do have a wonderful husband who celebrates me. He loves me at every stage, which I'm very blessed by."

Brooke opened up about losing her virginity in her book, titled "There Was a Little Girl", which was published in 2014. In it, she detailed how she first slept with her college boyfriend Dean Cain when she was 22 years old.

When she met Dean at Princeton University, she admitted that they were "instantly crazy" about each other. She wrote, "We were always holding hands and trying to find ways to be alone and kiss, but poor guy, I made him wait."

"I think it was more torturous for him because I was used to shutting that part [of me] off," Brooke continued. "I felt as if [her mother] was watching." Shortly after they had sex, she became so overwhelmed that she jumped out of their bed. "I actually kind of tumbled off it and started running," she penned in her memoir. "I was buck naked streaking down the hallway and running like I had just stolen someone's wallet."

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